Annual Uniform Fitting

We are pleased to announce Team 91 Maryland Annual Uniform Fitting. We invite all players in the program meet at a central location for our annual equipment fitting.

2024/2025 Fitting Details

Coming soon





If you would like to scan in early, you are more than welcome too. You can fill out the sizes that you think would fit your player best, and when you come to the fitting, you can confirm those sizes and make adjustments if need be! Or you can wait and do it on site. Please note we will NOT have paper fitting slips, we are solely using the new digital sizing forms. Please plan accordingly!


Team 91 Maryland Uniform Form


If you are unable to attend the fitting- please do not stress. We will use the sizes that you entered at the time of registration (not in the deposit registration but in the annual membership registration). However if you want to fill out the form you are welcome to. We will use the sizes that are entered on the form before we go to the registration sizes. If you do not want to, again no worries we will use the sizes you entered at the time of registration.


Team 91 Maryland Uniform Form


ALL players MUST complete the Annual Membership registration. If you are unsure if you have completed the Annual Membership, you can either log on to your online account if you do not see Yearly Membership on your dashboard that means you have not completed it or you can email me and I am happy to pull up your account and let you know. You can use the link listed below to access the dashboard log in.

Access Team 91 MD Account