Box Lacrosse is all the rage right now, so learn it right and most importantly have fun doing it. Players will be taught all aspects of Canadian style indoor lacrosse skills including the following:

  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Faking Proficiency
  • Stickhandling In Tight Spaces
  • Pick and Roll Offense/Defense
  • Two-Man Game


2024/2025 Dates Coming Soon!



Coppermine Duburns Arena
3100 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224

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Mark Millon - 9 years in the NLL, 2X First Team All Pro, 2001 NLL Champion

Why 91 Box?
We teach TRUE box lacrosse, we do NOT just play field lacrosse inside on small goals. We do not hop into a league, but instead we truly teach the game and focus on fundamentals that will improve your game. Proven curriculum to improve your stick skills, IQ and more through our 8 week box training program

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Why Should Your Son Play Team 91 Box?

Yes, playing box lacrosse CAN help improve your game and teach you different techniques. Yes, playing box lacrosse CAN help elevate your field game.

Training in the Team 91 Box program WILL improve your game. Our Director and Elite Staff have extensive background in the box game, they share a passion for teaching true box lacrosse that translates through each and every player that goes through our training program. Team 91 Box program WILL elevate your field game. The curriculum Team 91 Director Mark Millon has build WILL improve player IQ, stick skill proficiency, and quickness.